Protests against the proposed foreign agents law continue for the third consecutive day in Tbilisi.

On the evening of April 17, approximately 20,000 demonstrators gathered near the parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue. Two individuals were detained during the protest.

The demonstrators blocked traffic on Rustaveli Avenue while chanting slogans such as “No to Russian law,” “No to the Russian influence,” and “Europe is our path to progress.” Subsequently, they marched towards the government building, demanding a meeting with Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze.

One of the detainees is Aleko Elisashvili, leader of the Citizens party. He claims to have sustained a broken rib during his arrest.

Elisashvili made headlines on April 15 when, during a parliamentary session, he physically confronted Mamuka Mdinaradze, leader of the parliamentary majority, who was presenting the bill.

The proposed Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence bears similarities to the Russian law on foreign agents. It mandates that organizations receiving over 20% of their funding from abroad register with the authorities as entities representing foreign interests. Failure to comply could incur a fine of GEL 25,000 (approximately $9,400).