Peruvian authorities have detained an Iranian citizen and two accomplices suspected of conspiring to kill Israelis. The court has ordered their detention for 18 months pending trial.

According to Peruvian police, Majid Azizi, an Iranian national, may be associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, known for carrying out terrorist attacks worldwide on orders from Iranian authorities.

Peruvian prosecutors allege that Azizi conspired with Peruvians Walter Loja and Angelo Tracias to target Israeli citizen Shahar Malki in March. Malki, described on social media as a guide and healer using traditional plants from Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas, was the primary target. The second target was Israeli citizen Gilad Duchovny, who opened a cafe in Cusco in 2006.

Peruvian police discovered information about these Israeli citizens during a search of Azizi's residence. A police spokesperson stated that authorities had to act swiftly as Azizi planned to return to Iran after preparing to carry out the attacks. Azizi has resided in Peru since 1997 and acquired citizenship through marriage.

The Israeli Embassy in Lima expressed gratitude to Peruvian authorities for apprehending Azizi and preventing harm to Israeli citizens.