A 26-year-old West Yorkshire constable, Mohammed Adil, has been charged with a terrorist offense. After Hamas attacked Israel, he allegedly shared two images in support of the terrorist organization on WhatsApp an image of the terrorist organization, violenting the Terrorism Act, police said on Wednesday.

The Counter Terrorism Policing North East conducted the investigation under the supervision of the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Adil, who has already been suspended from his job, is scheduled to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on May 2.

In November 2023, the London police announced the termination of the contract with lawyer Attiq Malik, who was hired as a consultant to counter anti-Israeli demonstrations.

The dismissal followed after the Sunday Telegraph published a video of Malik organizing an anti-Israeli demonstration in 2021, where he spoke about "global censorship led by Zionists" and chanted slogans calling for the destruction of Israel.