British Foreign Secretary: Ceasing weapons to Israel strengthens Hamas

The minister argued that even discussing halting arms strengthens Hamas and complicates negotiations for the release of Israeli hostages.

British police officer accused of showing support for Hamas

West Yorkshire constable Mohammed Adil shared images supporting Hamas

Netanyahu meets with foreign ministers Cameron and Baerbock

PM stated that the State of Israel will make its own decisions and do everything necessary to defend itself

Netanyahu meets with Cameron and Baerbock

The Prime Minister's Office highlighted that during the meetings, Netanyahu underscored Israel's right to self-defense.

Israeli, German, and British foreign ministers meet in Jerusalem

Cameron and Baerbock's visit was aimed at discussing ways to prevent further escalation following Iran's significant attack on the country.

Cameron meets Trump, hoping to persuade Republicans to help Ukraine

The pair discussed NATO defense spending, upcoming US and UK elections, Brexit, and “ending the killing in Ukraine”

Palestinian activists call for Ukraine-like visas for Gazans who have family in Britain

Charities and law firms have signed a letter to Home Secretary saying existing immigration routes are not working