On the eve of the Day of Catastrophe and Heroism, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics released data indicating that there are currently 15.7 million Jews worldwide, still fewer than before the Holocaust.

Among them, 7.1 million reside in Israel, while 6.3 million are in the United States, comprising approximately 85% of the global Jewish population. Only 132,000 Jews remain in Russia.

In 1939, the global Jewish population stood at 16.6 million. By 1948, the year of Israel's establishment, the number had decreased to 11.5 million, with 650,000 residing in the newly formed Jewish state.

Today, there are 130,000 Jewish Holocaust survivors in Israel, with women comprising 62% and men 38% of this group. Of these survivors, 61% are natives of Europe, with the largest contingents coming from the USSR, followed by Romania and Poland.

Additionally, 36.6% of survivors relocated from North Africa, some of which were under German occupation, and from Iraq, where mass pogroms against Jews, known as Farhud, occurred in 1941.