In Toronto, Canada, masked vandals wrote "Rafah is burning and Toronto will burn" in red paint on the office window of Davenport MP Julie Dzerowicz. Alongside the graffiti, they left a poster reading: "Arms embargo now! Julie! Stop the arms trade between Canada and Israel."

The Toronto Police Hate Crime Unit is investigating the incident, but no suspects have been detained so far.

Dzerowicz became the first female lawmaker to represent Davenport in 2015. She was re-elected in 2019 and 2021. She serves on the House of Commons Parliamentary Finance Committee and is the Chair of the Canada-NATO Parliamentary Association.

According to her official biography, she is "the child of immigrant parents who fled their countries due to poverty, war, and discrimination; and who came to Canada to find a safe place to raise their children."

Commenting on the incident, Dzerowicz emphasized the inadmissibility of threats and referenced a recent incident in which armed individuals opened fire at a Jewish girls' school in Toronto (fortunately, no one was injured).