A survey conducted by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs in May reveals that 30% of American Jews agree with the assertion made by pro-Palestinian activists that the actions of the Israel Defense Force in Gaza amount to genocide—the survey aimed to gauge the impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on the American Jewish community.

The findings show that 56% of respondents are significantly concerned about the future of American Jewry in light of campus demonstrations, while 22% expressed moderate concern. Only 8% reported being unconcerned.

When asked about their stance on the protests, 34% of respondents viewed the campus demonstrations as anti-war but not anti-Israel, 28% considered them anti-Israel, and 25% believed they were both anti-war and anti-Israel. Another 12% felt that none of these descriptions can be applied.

Regarding support for Israel, 33% of American Jews stated that their support had increased since the conflict began, 43% said it remained unchanged, and 24% reported a decrease. Additionally, 11.5% expressed support for the Palestinians, with 8% supporting the Palestinian cause but not Hamas.

On the topic of US policy, 22% fully supported President Joe Biden's initiative to restrict arms supplies to Israel in the event of a large-scale operation in Rafah, while another 30% were somewhat supportive. Only 22% opposed or strongly opposed the initiative.

11% of respondents expressed unconditional support of a Palestinian state, 24% supported it on the condition that Palestine recognizes Israel as a Jewish state, and 25% believed it should also be demilitarized in addition to recognizing Israel.