The Wall Street Journal gained access to personal correspondence from Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza. Sinwar believes that escalating civilian casualties benefits Hamas by increasing pressure on Israel.

He sees mounting Palestinian losses and international pressure on Israel as advantageous. Sinwar justifies civilian deaths by citing historical conflicts.

Sinwar aims to secure a long-term ceasefire to claim victory for Hamas, viewing Israeli occupation as a potential victory. He prefers violence to gain attention.

In 2021, he escalated conflict with Israel to thwart potential Hamas-Fatah agreements. Despite casualties, he orchestrated the October 7 attack to maintain global attention on the Palestinian issue.

Surprised by Israel's resolve and Iran's lack of support, Sinwar faced internal dissent within Hamas amid ongoing IDF operations.

As negotiations intensified, Sinwar demanded Hamas leadership abroad reject concessions and push for a complete ceasefire. Increasing international criticism of Israel and internal contradictions complicated matters.

Sinwar is prepared to become a martyr, likening the Gaza conflict to the Battle of Karbala.