Published data reveals IDF's recruitment of citizens registered as candidates for mayor or local council during combat periods.

N12 reports a total of 2,346 candidates in the IDF's active reserve, including 70 individuals vying for the positions of mayor or head of a local council.

“The release of candidates from service will be carried out based on operational requirements,” the IDF said.

At this stage, it remains unclear whether municipal elections will be held in the coming months or whether they will be postponed.

On December 19, four high-ranking reservist officers running for leadership roles in different local councils, filed a lawsuit with the High Court, urging the postponement of municipal elections until the end of hostilities. The plaintiffs oppose the Minister of Internal Affairs' proposal to exempt reservists involved in elections from their service. Their contention revolves around the perceived dilemma of having to prioritize between fulfilling their military duty and engaging in a political campaign. The reservists argue that the Minister's decision overlooks the current state of affairs in Israel, presenting military personnel contesting in municipal elections with a moral quandary conflicting with their values. They have petitioned the High Court of Justice to delay local elections by several months or until hostilities cease on multiple fronts.