The IDF Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Herzi A-Levi, held a press conference to discuss the developments in the Iron Swords War. He reported that he recently visited the Gaza Strip, engaging with soldiers and commanders, evaluating the situation, and receiving updates on the ongoing hostilities.

According to the head of the General Staff, Hamas suffered heavy losses during the war, many militants and field commanders were killed, many surrendered, and a huge number of terrorists were captured.

“We destroyed the terrorists’ underground infrastructure and a huge amount of weapons and ammunition,” A-Levi said.

“Operating in this populous and built-up area, we cannot say that we have destroyed all the terrorists,” admitted the Chief of the General Staff.

“We will meet them more than once in this area, we will continue to pursue and destroy them in various ways.” According to Lieutenant General Herzi A-Levi, the Israeli armed forces are currently concentrating their efforts on the southern part of the Gaza Strip, Khan Yunis and the Palestinian refugee camps, while also continuing to consolidate the successes achieved in the northern part of the Strip.

He stressed that Israeli troops are destroying buildings that pose a threat to military personnel as they are used by terrorists.

“The Israeli Air Force strikes tirelessly,” A-Levi emphasized.

According to the head of the General Staff, the Israeli armed forces operate both on the ground and from the air and from the sea, but it is impossible to achieve the assigned tasks without the use of ground troops.

He added that the IDF is using all resources at its disposal in a professional and balanced manner and is ready to continue fighting on all fronts.

According to the IDF Chief of General Staff, the armed forces are faced with difficult but necessary goals. The military operations are being conducted in tough conditions, so the war will continue for many months. Israel's main goal is to ensure that the successes achieved during the war are preserved for a long time.

“There are no magic solutions or easy ways when it is necessary to completely destroy a terrorist organization, it is always a stubborn and relentless struggle. We are very determined,” A-Levi emphasized.

The Chief of the General Staff stated that the military is bolstering its forces in line with current developments. This includes calling upon reservists, whose invaluable support is valued by the IDF, alongside the support received from their families.