On Monday, January 8, it was revealed that the renowned singer and actor Idan Amedi was seriously wounded during an operation in the Gaza Strip. Amedi is widely recognized for his role as undercover agent Sagi Tzur in the series "Fauda."

After being deployed to the frontlines, Idan Amedi shared a video in which he appeared in military uniform.

"This isn't a scene from 'Fauda'; this is real life. I wanted to convey that despite the darkness in which we have lost our dear people and friends, our morale remains high. We comprehend the purpose of our presence – we are here to safeguard our children, our families, and our home."

On Monday, January 8, the family and friends of Idan Amedi appealed to Israelis to pray for his recovery.

Idan Amedi has been admitted to Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer with multiple shrapnel wounds, and he is currently undergoing surgery.

Lior Raz, co-star of Idan Amedi in the TV series "Fauda," posted on his Instagram: “Our dear brother Idan is a true hero; from the first day of the war, he decided to put everything aside and go fight. We pray for his swift recovery, and we are confident that he will be back on his feet soon. The 'Fauda' family extends its condolences to the families of the victims and wishes a speedy recovery to the wounded.”