The Ministry of Social Security has released data on government assistance for citizens abducted by Hamas, marking 100 days since "Black Saturday" on October 7.

According to the report, 54 hostages who returned from Hamas captivity received support from psychologists or psychotherapists. Currently, 85 released hostages continue to be monitored by nurses in community clinics, and 2 are still hospitalized.

Of the released hostages, 27 settled in evacuation centers in hotels, 26 moved in with relatives, 18 returned to their homes, and apartments were rented for 9. Additionally, three elderly individuals among the released hostages relocated to social housing complexes for the elderly called "Diur Mugan."

Furthermore, 21 children who survived terrorist capture and Hamas captivity have successfully reintegrated into the education system.

Minister of Social Welfare Ya'akov Margi emphasized that the department is providing comprehensive psychological and social assistance to hostages released from Hamas captivity. Individualized efforts were made for each abducted person, with specialists selected based on specific needs. Each released hostage was assigned a social worker trained to address such cases.