Rabbi Avraham Zarbiv, the head of pre-army courses in the Beit El settlement and a member of the Tel Aviv religious court, shared insights about his military service in Gaza during an interview with Arutz Sheva news.

At 52 years old, Rabbi Zarbiv serves as a fighter in the Givati ​​brigade. He, along with his team, is engaged in tracking down terrorists, coordinating efforts with tank crews, helicopter pilots, and snipers. The group, including Zarbiv, has been successful in numerous operations, with the rabbi having previous experience in various military campaigns, including operation "Unbreakable Rock."

In addition to his primary duties, Rabbi Zarbiv provides crucial psychological support to fellow soldiers.

Recognizing that many fighters grapple with homesickness and nervous tension, he takes the initiative to engage in conversations and help maintain connections with their families.

Rabbi Zarbiv, who was at the religious courthouse last summer during protests against judicial reform, observes a renewed sense of unity among different sectors of Israeli society in the army.

He expressed a perspective rooted in faith, saying, “Rabbi Kook writes that wars are the harbingers of the coming of the Messiah. We must help him come.”