The IDF released a snippet of a conversation between a Gaza resident and an officer from the 504th division of Israeli military intelligence (human intelligence).

In the recording, the Gaza resident strongly criticizes Hamas leaders, urging the Israeli army to locate and eliminate them abroad.

"Tell your leadership: Hamas leaders are not in Gaza; they're abroad. Finish them where they are, kill them," pleads the Palestinian.

"I speak for all our people. I'm alone here; it's over, destroyed. They are hiding in a hotel abroad. Fry them."

"May their fathers be cursed," he goes on. "Listen to what people are saying here: may Allah protect us from Hamas, may Allah curse them. They are the last ones. They destroyed everything for us, set us back 100 years. May Allah punish them. Hamas has all our people hostage; we are their prisoners. These dogs use their power against us."