UN representatives requested assistance from doctors in Israeli hospitals to investigate the events of October 7.

However, the Ministry of Health instructed doctors not to cooperate, citing the commission's perceived anti-Israel and antisemitic views, reports Kan-11's Katie Dore.

The commission, affiliated with the Human Rights Council, directly contacted doctors involved in treating the wounded and handling abductions, seeking a meeting for data exchange.

One request mentioned investigating crimes by Hamas and other terrorist organizations, including sexual violence and assault.

Kan-11 TV reported that the Ministry of Health's legal department received an order from the Ministry of Justice not to cooperate.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry, quoted by the channel, highlighted that the commission was formed by the Human Rights Council after Operation Guardian of the Walls, with its leaders known for anti-Israel sentiments. The Foreign Ministry emphasized that Israel would not collaborate with this biased body.

It's worth noting that on January 8, it was announced that Pramila Patten, the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, would investigate sexual crimes by Hamas on October 7 against Israeli men and women.

The investigation results will be included in Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' annual report to the Security Council.