The IDF has released new information on the progress of the ground military operation in the Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours.

According to the report, Bilal Noufal, responsible for counterintelligence in the south of the Gaza Strip within the Hamas leadership, was eliminated during a joint operation of the IDF Air Force and the Shin Bet.

Soldiers from the 646th Brigade uncovered and destroyed three barrelled launchers that were used by terrorists to shell Netivot on January 16.

In Khan Yunis, soldiers from the 7th Brigade identified three militants and dispatched a helicopter to eliminate them.

Near the Sheikh Ijlin area in the central Gaza Strip, fighters from the 179th Brigade identified and eliminated two militants through an airstrike. Weapons were subsequently discovered at the site where the militants were neutralized.

Naval forces conducted attacks on several operational facilities belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip last night.