On the night of January 17th, the IDF continued their operations in the Gaza Strip. However, updates on the fighting were only available from sources within Gaza.

According to reports from Gaza, the IDF conducted strikes on targets in Khan Yunis, located in the southern part of the strip. At least seven people were reported killed in an airstrike on a residential building in Khan Yunis.

Overall, there was limited information about the ongoing conflict in Gaza, likely due to ongoing communication and internet issues in the region.

In recent days, the intensity of IDF operations in Gaza has decreased.

As of now, the IDF has not issued any comments regarding the fighting in Gaza on January 17th.

The IDF has confirmed the deaths of two soldiers during fighting in the northern Gaza Strip on January 16th.

They have been identified as Reserve Petty Officer Zechariah Pesach Haber, 32, from Jerusalem, a member of the 87th Battalion, 14th Brigade, and Reserve Petty Officer Yair Katz, 34, from Holon, also a member of the 87th Battalion, 14th Brigade.

Additionally, during a battle in the north of the Gaza Strip, a reservist from the 52nd battalion of the 401st brigade was seriously wounded, and another military reservist from the 6261st battalion of the 261st brigade was seriously wounded near the Gaza border.