Defense Minister Yoav Galant spoke with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday night. During the call, Galant emphasized that Israel is facing a critical moment in the north. He also stated that the objectives of the military operation in the Gaza Strip remain unchanged, and the IDF is committed to continuing the war until those objectives are fully achieved.

Galant mentioned that Israel will only allow residents evacuated from the northern border areas to return when it is safe to do so, highlighting ongoing shelling from Hezbollah into Israeli populated areas. A decision on further action against Hezbollah will be made soon.

While Israel prefers to reach a peaceful agreement regarding the situation near the Lebanese border, Galant stressed Israel's readiness to use military force if necessary.

He updated his American counterpart on the progress of military operations, including the destruction of terrorist infrastructure in Gaza and the West Bank, tunnel demolitions, and terrorist eliminations.

The Defense Minister reiterated Israel's commitment to continue military operations in Gaza until enemy military forces are completely eliminated, the Hamas government is removed, and all abducted Israeli citizens are returned.