Friday, January 19, 2024, marks the 105th day of the war in Israel. Below is an overview of all the current events thus far.


The IDF reports that the warning system was activated due to the interception of a suspicious target in the sky over Haifa.


At 8:45 PM, Tzeva Adom sirens sounded in Haifa, indicating a rocket attack.


Forces from the 7th Armored Brigade are conducting operations in Khan Yunis, destroying terrorist infrastructure. These operations resulted in the seizure of a large number of weapons and the discovery and destruction of underground terrorist tunnels.


Sources in Gaza report another artillery shelling of targets in the vicinity of the Shifa hospital in Gaza City. Employees and patients of the hospital have been evacuated to the south of the strip.


The IDF reports suppressing UAV attempts from Lebanon and conducting strikes on Hezbollah targets over the past 24 hours.

On January 19, the Iron Dome system intercepted a drone flying over the Mediterranean Sea from Lebanon. In the area of the village of Ramiya in southern Lebanon, Hezbollah rocket launchers and infrastructure were targeted.

In the areas of Hula and Kfarkela, the IDF attacked Hezbollah observation posts and terrorist infrastructure this morning. On the evening of January 18, IDF tanks targeted the military infrastructure of the Syrian army in response to rocket launches toward the Golan Heights.

The Gaza Ministry of Health, which is affiliated with Hamas, announced on January 19 that since the start of hostilities on October 7 in the Gaza Strip, 24,762 people have been killed and 62,108 have been injured to varying degrees of severity.


The IDF has announced the completion of a 45-hour anti-terrorist operation in Tulkarm. During the operation, Israeli troops searched approximately 1,000 buildings and discovered over 400 explosive devices.

Participating in the operation were IDF reservists, fighters of the MAGAV border police, the YASAM anti-terrorist unit, and the Shin Bet General Security Service.

Numerous explosive devices intended to target Israeli troops were uncovered, with 37 individuals wanted for terrorist activities arrested. Among those apprehended were high-ranking militants playing significant roles in the terror infrastructure in Tulkarm.

A group of four terrorists who fired at Israeli soldiers and utilized explosive devices against them was eliminated, with several more militants reported killed. Additionally, an IDF reservist was seriously injured during the operation.


Sources in Gaza report that the IDF struck a target in the Abasan area of Khan Yunis in the southern part of the Strip, resulting in one casualty.

Lebanese sources report IDF artillery shelling in the vicinity of the village of Ayta ash Shab in southern Lebanon.

In the village of Nahal Oz, situated near the border of the Gaza Strip, the "Tzeva Adom" alarm sounded, indicating the launch of rockets or mortar shells. This marks the first shelling from Gaza today.


The IDF released updates on their ground military operation in Gaza in the last 24 hours.

They confirmed the elimination of Wael Abu Fanuna, the former director of Al-Quds TV channel, who was also the deputy head of the Islamic Jihad information system since 2017.

Abu Fanuna was responsible for releasing videos depicting attacks on Israeli territory and creating/hosting videos of hostages, part of a psychological warfare against Israel.

Additionally, soldiers from the 179th Brigade are still active in Gaza's center, discovering a cache of weapons in a building used by militants for firing. In the north, soldiers from the 5th Brigade successfully neutralized militants using tanks and aircraft.


Reports from Gaza indicate that the IDF is engaged in fighting on Al-Saqa Street in Jabalia, located in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.


Fighting persists in the center of Khan Yunis and on the western outskirts of the city, in the southern region of the Gaza Strip.

According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, which is affiliated with Hamas, seven local residents were killed during clashes with the Israeli military near the Shifa medical complex in Gaza City.


Sources from Gaza report that the IDF conducted airstrikes targeting locations in the northern part of the strip.

The IDF announced the death of Staff Sergeant Ori Jerbi, 20, from Herzliya, a reconnaissance soldier with the Givati Brigade. He was seriously wounded on January 17 during a battle in the southern Gaza Strip and passed away in the hospital on January 18.

Additionally, over the past 24 hours, three Israeli soldiers were seriously wounded in Gaza battles: a reservist from the 6646th Battalion of the 646th "Shualei Marom" Brigade, a reservist from the 7810th Battalion of the 11th "Iftah" Brigade, and a reservist from the 87th Battalion of the 14th "Mahatz" Brigade.


Fighting near Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis continues with IDF employing artillery.

PA sources report IDF forces are operating in the village of Beit Amr, north of Hebron.

There are ongoing clashes in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip.

Reports from Gaza indicate five casualties and several injuries following an IDF strike on a house in Khan Yunis.


PA sources confirmed IDF operations in the village of Kafr Qallil, south of Nablus, resulting in the detainment of two terror suspects.


PA sources reported IDF forces entering the village of Tammun, south of Tubas.

Sources from Gaza report ongoing artillery shelling near Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis.


According to Palestinian Authority sources, IDF forces have entered the village of Beita, located south of Nablus.


Reports from Palestinian sources indicate that the IDF has concluded a two-day operation in Tulkarm. All military personnel and equipment have exited the city.


Sources in Gaza report renewed shelling near Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis by the IDF.

Armed clashes between Israeli soldiers and militants have reignited in Tulkarm.

The latest attacks from Gaza were recorded at 21:02 on January 18. Typically during this conflict, terrorist groups in Gaza pause their rocket attacks on Israeli territory overnight, though not always.