IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari revealed new details about a tunnel discovered by the IDF in Khan Yunis.

Items found in the tunnel indicated that abducted Israelis had been held there.

Hagari displayed a photo of an underground chamber divided from the rest of the space by an iron grate. A drawing of an Israeli girl, kidnapped by terrorists, was discovered here.

The artist behind the drawing was identified as 6-year-old Emilia Aloni, who was released as part of a deal with Hamas on November 24.

According to Hagari, the tunnel's entrance was located in the house of one of the terrorists. The tunnel was secured by armored doors and rigged with explosives to hinder the advancement of the Israeli military if discovered. Upon entering, military personnel engaged in combat with terrorists hiding in the tunnel, neutralizing them.

“There were no hostages in the tunnel, but evidence indicated their presence in the past. After traversing about a kilometer through the tunnel, which was approximately 20 meters deep, military personnel discovered a room where hostages were mostly held. Inside, they found belongings of the hostages, including drawings by Emilia Aloni and others. We found a cell with a toilet and mattress. Under harsh conditions, without sunlight and in cramped spaces with poor air quality and high humidity, around 20 hostages were kept at various times,” explained Hagari.