The IDF command has reported that on the night of January 24, the 98th Division forces persisted in the ongoing combat in the Khan Yunis area. Numerous terrorists were eliminated through the coordinated efforts of snipers, tanks, and the Air Force.

Specifically, air strikes targeted two groups of militants, based on information provided by Givati Brigade fighters. In addition, soldiers from the 7th Brigade (Saar mi-Golan) and fighters from the Tzanhanim Brigade successfully neutralized several other groups of militants.

The Iftah Brigade is currently active in the central part of the Gaza Strip, where an armed militant concealed within a building was killed during the ongoing conflict.

Simultaneously, the 215th Brigade is conducting operations in the northern region of the Gaza Strip. IDF aircraft executed a series of strikes, resulting in the elimination of numerous militants.

The official statement does not specify the exact number of militants from terrorist groups killed during the night of January 24.