In the early hours of January 24, in the village of Urif, south of Nablus, the Israeli military demolished the house of Wasil Shehadeh, currently in prison, as reported by Maan.

It is worth noting that on December 15, the Israeli military also demolished the residence of the terrorist Hamid Sabah, who was involved in the June terrorist attack on the village of Eli.

Subsequently, in the same village, the military proceeded to demolish the house of another terrorist, Ziyad Safadi.

On the night of November 14, the residence of terrorist Muhannad Shhadeh, another participant in the murder of Israelis in the village of Eli, was demolished in Urif.

Earlier reports had indicated that four houses owned by terrorists implicated in the attack were earmarked for subsequent destruction.

Terrorist attack in Ely. 06/20/2023

On June 20, at a gas station near the settlement of Eli, two terrorists exited a vehicle and opened fire on Israelis waiting in line at the Eliyahu Hummus snack bar.

One of the terrorists, Muhannad Shhadeh, was fatally shot, while the other managed to steal a car and escape. The terrorists' vehicle was abandoned at the gas station, and knives were discovered inside it.

Later that evening, near the village of Tubas, the military intercepted and eliminated the second terrorist, Khalid Sabah. Subsequent information revealed that there were, in fact, three terrorists involved. According to the order published today, the third assailant was identified as Hamid Sabah. It appears that the fourth participant was Wasil Shhadeh.

The victims of the terrorist attack were:
Arel Masud (21)
Elisha Entman (18)
Ofer Fayerman (60)
Nachman Shmuel Mordof (17)