Benny Gantz, leader of Machane Mamlachti, spoke on Sunday, February 18th, at the annual conference of American Jewish leaders in Jerusalem.

He made it clear that he's against a one-sided declaration of a Palestinian state.

Gantz also had a message for Hamas, the terrorist group, emphasizing that “if our hostages do not return home by Ramadan, hostilities will spread to Rafah.”

At the conference, Gantz expressed gratitude to US Jewish organizations, the White House administration, and President Joe Biden for their support following the events of Black Saturday on October 7th.

"The brutality we faced on October 7th showed the world the true nature of our enemies," Gantz remarked. "The bond between Israel and the US shone brightly during those dark times, proving stronger than ever."

"We'll always remember the unwavering support from President Biden – military, political, and his firm message to our adversaries," Gantz continued.

"When we say 'we win together,' we're acknowledging our American allies, both Republicans and Democrats, and leaders worldwide who stand with us in dismantling the Hamas threat and bringing our kidnapped citizens home."

Gantz emphasized that if the kidnapped citizens aren't returned during Ramadan, military action will extend to Rafah, with coordination and assistance from Egypt and the United States to ensure civilian safety.