Ismail Abu Omar, a correspondent for the Al-Jazeera TV channel, was transported to Doha for medical treatment after losing his leg due to an IDF strike in Rafah, as reported on February 19.

He is accused by Israel of terrorist activities for entering Israeli territory alongside Hamas militants on October 7 and reporting live from Kibbutz Nir Oz.

According to Al Jazeera, Abu Amar was taken to Egypt through the Rafah checkpoint and then flown to Doha on a Qatari plane.

Israeli TV channel Keshet-12's news service reported that the evacuation of the "journalist" was conducted without the knowledge of Israeli security services and the army.

Ismail Abu Omar sustained injuries in an IDF airstrike in Rafah on February 13. Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces' press service stated that the injured "journalist" served as the deputy commander of the Hamas "Eastern Battalion" company in Khan Yunis.