Saudi online newspaper Elaph reports, citing a security source, that Israel believes that Hamas leaders, including Yahya Sinwar, the head of the group in the Gaza Strip, may have left the sector and crossed into Egypt through an underground tunnel.

Yahya Sinwar's brother and sister also fled Gaza. Some Israelis taken hostage on October 7 might have been transferred to the Sinai Peninsula as well.

The source revealed that the Israeli military knows that at least eight such tunnels exist and are wide and high enough to accommodate small trucks. Through the tunnels, militants left Gaza to attend training camps in Iran and Lebanon and brought Iranian weapons into the Strip.

Earlier, it was reported that security experts believe that Yahya Sinwar is still in Khan Yunis, and the Egyptian authorities are not interested in harboring the organizer of the October 7 massacre.

Israeli forces continue to discover new hiding places where Sinwar and his family members were hiding, conducting investigations each time to determine how long ago the Hamas leader left each hideout. The IDF understands that Sinwar is days ahead of pursuit and is making efforts to narrow this gap.