The IDF has confirmed the death of Staff Sergeant Avraham Wovagen, aged 21, from Netanya. He was a member of the 932nd Battalion of the Nahal Brigade and was killed in combat in the northern Gaza Strip.

Additionally, another soldier from the 932nd battalion of the Nahal Brigade and a reservist from the 636th battalion of the 877th Territorial Division of Judea and Samaria were seriously wounded in the battle in northern Gaza.

Furthermore, a fighter from the Shaked Battalion of the Givati ​​Brigade was seriously wounded in another battle in the same area.

Since October 27th, marking the beginning of the ground operation in Gaza, a total of 238 military personnel have lost their lives, including those in Gaza, near the border with Lebanon, and in Judea and Samaria due to terrorist attacks on Israeli territory.

Since October 7th, a staggering 576 IDF soldiers have been killed in the Black Saturday terrorist attacks and the subsequent War of Iron Swords.