Southern District Police, MAGAV Border Police, and other units are exerting significant efforts to assist the IDF in ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

They are guarding border crossings and the roads leading to them from protesters who demand that supplies to Gaza be halted until Israeli hostages captured by Hamas are released.

The police emphasize that they are executing the orders of the country's political leadership and heads of security services.

"In addition to combating crime in the area, substantial police forces have been deployed to maintain order in the closed military zone, prevent civilian access, and ensure the supply of humanitarian aid to the Kerem Shalom and Nitzana checkpoints, concurrently with the shipment of goods from the Ashdod port," stated the police press service in an official statement.

Hundreds of police officers worked on Sunday at checkpoints under the threat of sniper and mortar fire from Gaza to ensure the passage of hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian aid into the Strip.

On Tuesday, February 27, border crossings will be closed due to local elections. The police urge citizens not to enter the closed military zone, to act responsibly, and to maintain order.

Today, hundreds of southern police and security forces are operating in the checkpoint area, where threats of sniper and mortar fire continue to exist, ensuring the passage of supplies and hundreds of aid trucks into the Gaza Strip.

The crossings will be closed this Tuesday due to local elections. The police urge citizens not to enter closed military territory, to act responsibly, and to refrain from violating law and order.

The Israeli Police will continue to ensure the smooth passage of humanitarian equipment into the Gaza Strip. They will guard the checkpoints with increased forces day and night and will not permit civilians to enter any closed military zone, as doing so constitutes a criminal offense.

Meanwhile, activists demanding an end to the supply of humanitarian aid to Hamas, citing the captivity and torture of Israeli hostages in terrorist tunnels, have published a video calling for support for their cause and advocating for the prevention of access to humanitarian aid trucks in the Gaza Strip.