The IDF provided updates on the ongoing ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

The 162nd A-Plaid Division continues its operations to clear the Zeitoun area, situated on the southeastern outskirts of Gaza City, while the 98th Division is engaged in activities in Khan Yunis, located in the southern part of the sector.

In the past 24 hours, fighters from the Nahal brigade have successfully neutralized multiple terrorists in Zeitoun and uncovered weapons within the vicinity. Helicopters were utilized in one instance to eliminate militants.

In Khan Yunis, a strike was executed against militants who had set up an ambush within a building, resulting in secondary explosions following the impact.

Additionally, fighters from the 414th unit in Khan Yunis identified and neutralized a militant engaged in firing at the Israeli military. Soldiers from the 7th Brigade in western Khan Yunis also discovered weapons within several buildings.

The IDF targeted launch pads used by terrorists to bombard Ashkelon the previous day.

Furthermore, five terrorists were killed as a result of a strike on a car in the southern part of the sector, with additional militants neutralized in building-targeted attacks.

Snipers from the Tzankhanim brigade successfully eliminated several militants, while two more militants were killed by fighters from the Givati ​​brigade.