The Tel Aviv District Court has delivered a guilty verdict against 22-year-old Muhammad Haruv, a resident of the Palestinian territories.

Haruv attempted to carry out a terrorist attack on the eve of Yom Kippur two years ago. He arrived in Jaffa and, mistaking a man for a Jew, shouted "Jew, Jew!" before attacking him with a screwdriver.

It was later revealed that the victim was an Arab.

Haruv has been sentenced to 19 years in prison, along with 21 months of suspended imprisonment. Additionally, he is required to compensate the victim with 60 thousand shekels.

According to court documents, Haruv planned to carry out a terrorist attack fueled by national hatred, aiming to instill fear among Israelis. He armed himself with a sharpened screwdriver, entered Jaffa without permission, and targeted what he believed to be a suitable victim.

Shouting "Jew, Jew!" Haruv assaulted the victim with a bottle to the head and then proceeded to stab him multiple times with the screwdriver in an attempt to inflict fatal wounds.

After believing the victim would succumb to his injuries, Haruv fled the scene, leaving the victim severely injured.

Fortunately, the victim was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery and survived. Haruv was apprehended following an investigation. As part of a legal agreement, he admitted to the crime.