The National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) has released statistics regarding civilian casualties on Black Saturday, October 7, 2023, and throughout the War of Iron Swords.

These figures exclude security and military personnel, coinciding with 150 days since the war commenced.

According to Bituach Leumi, the total number of civilians killed during the conflict reached 806 individuals.

Nearly 62,000 people were recognized as injured due to enemy actions, including 3,557 children aged from birth to three years.

Among the deceased, three were infants aged from birth to three years, four were aged three to six years, ten were between six and fourteen years old, twenty-one were aged fourteen to eighteen, and 768 were eighteen years or older.

Furthermore, almost 62,000 individuals were acknowledged as victims of enemy actions, encompassing 3,557 infants, 3,726 toddlers, 8,659 children aged six to fourteen, 3,586 teenagers aged fourteen to eighteen, and 42,414 adults aged eighteen and older.

This includes those who sustained physical injuries, psychological trauma, or both as a consequence of enemy actions.

In an official statement, Bituach Leumi described this as an unprecedented tragedy for the State of Israel, with the count of casualties and injuries continuing to rise.

"It is crucial to recognize that those harmed and the families of those lost receive lifelong support from Bituach Leumi. We stand by their side and will continue to offer a wide range of assistance," emphasized the National Insurance Institute.