The IDF has provided updates on its ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

The 98th Division is advancing in the Hamad region, located in the western part of Khan Yunis.

Dozens of terrorists attempting to blend in with the civilian population have been apprehended.

Forces from the 98th Division continue to encircle the Hamad area and conduct raids within its perimeter. Commandos discovered a significant cache of weapons in one of the buildings used by Hamas militants.

Soldiers from the 7th Brigade, responsible for evacuating civilians from the conflict zone, have detained dozens of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists over the past 24 hours as they attempted to mingle with civilians.

Nahal brigade fighters remain active in the central Gaza Strip. In the past 24 hours, they have neutralized approximately twenty terrorists using sniper fire, tanks, and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

In the Beit Hanoun area in the northern sector, a group of militants was eliminated with the assistance of a UAV.

In the last 24 hours, the IDF has targeted over 50 Hamas sites across various areas of the Gaza Strip. These targets included launch sites, ammunition depots, tunnel networks, and other military installations.