On the night of March 5, in Kafr Dan, located west of Jenin, the military partially demolished the home of terrorist Abdullah Masad, who had fatally shot two Israelis in Huwara last August.

The first floor of the two-story building was completely destroyed, while the second floor, where another family resided, remained untouched.

The operation to demolish Masad's apartment in Kafr Dan was marked by clashes, though details are still being clarified.

The decision to destroy the residence was authorized by the commander of the central military district in February, following the rejection of an appeal by the terrorist's relatives.

On August 19, 2023, Abdullah Masad fatally shot 60-year-old Shay Silas Nigreker and his 28-year-old son Aviad Nir Nigreker at a car wash in Huwara, south of Nablus.

Masad, armed with a pistol, entered the car wash and, upon encountering the Israelis, fired at them at close range, discharging at least five bullets. He then fled the scene on foot and disappeared.

The noise at the car wash masked the sound of gunfire, allowing the attacker to escape unnoticed. The unarmed victims were near their car when the attack occurred.

On the night of November 26, soldiers from the 646th Reserve Airborne Brigade apprehended Abdullah Masad in Jenin, the perpetrator behind the attack on the two Israelis. He is currently incarcerated.