The Gaza Border Crossing Authority reports that the IDF transported 47 Palestinian bodies through the Kerem Shalom crossing to Abu Yousef El-Najar Hospital in Rafah.

However, the report does not specify which bodies are being referred to or whether they belong to terrorists. This information was reported on Thursday, March 7, by Channel 14.

Meanwhile, Hamas refuses to transfer the bodies of kidnapped Israelis held by militants to Israel without a ceasefire.

Hamas leaders met with Egyptian mediators this week for another round of negotiations over a deal with Israel. An Israeli delegation was scheduled to travel to Qatar on Sunday, but the trip was canceled due to Hamas' refusal to provide a list of hostages held by Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants.

As of February 2024, Hamas is holding more than 130 hostages in the Gaza Strip, and 31 abductees have been confirmed dead, with their bodies also remaining in Hamas' hands.

Despite Hamas' refusal to transfer the bodies to Israel, Israel still decided to transfer 47 bodies to the autonomy.

The IDF press service declined to comment on this report.