Brig. Gen. Amit Saar, the head of the Military Intelligence Research Department, has reportedly announced his intention to resign over the failures that led to Hamas's October 7 onslaught once the internal military investigation is finished.

According to the Kan public broadcaster, Saar announced his decision during a closed conference with the head of the Intelligence Directorate, the commander of Unit 8200, and other intelligence officers.

"I understand that as soon as the military investigation is finished, the ones who will rebuild everything in the Military Intelligence Directorate will be other commanders," Saar reportedly said.

The IDF's internal investigation began a week ago. Amit Saar is expected to leave the Military Intelligence Directorate in June.

In early February, Channel 11 reported the first resignation in military intelligence "due to the failure of October 7." The head of the research department, a major who led the unit analyzing Hamas data, left his position. The IDF then stated that the officer requested resignation from his commander due to personal circumstances. He relinquished his duties and went on unpaid leave.