The IDF and Shin Bet have released a preliminary report on the operation at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. According to the report, approximately 20 terrorists were killed and dozens of suspects were detained during the first day of the operation.

The operation involves forces from the 162nd Division, soldiers from the 401st Brigade, and Shayetet 13 naval special forces.

The IDF press service reports that money intended for Hamas terrorists inside the hospital was confiscated during the operation, along with the discovery of weapons and ammunition.


Earlier, the IDF and Shin Bet announced that Faik Mabhouh, head of the internal security operations department of Hamas, was eliminated during a special operation at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Mabhouh held the rank of "brigadier general".

The report states that the objective was to capture Mabhouh, but he was killed in a shootout. A significant amount of weapons and ammunition were found in a room near the location of the shootout. Mabhouh was responsible for coordinating Hamas' activities in the Gaza Strip.