The Israel Defense Forces says troops have begun a precise operation overnight at the Al-Shifa hospital complex in Gaza City. According to Israeli intelligence, senior Hamas terrorists were using the hospital to conduct and promote terrorist activity.

The IDF says that the army was instructed to operate cautiously and take measures to avoid harm to the patients, civilians, medical staff, and medical equipment. Patients and medical staff weren't required to evacuate, but the military created pathways for civilians to leave the area.

As of the morning of March 18, the operation at Shifa Hospital is ongoing. Security forces and terrorists have engaged in a firefight.

Gazn sources have reported that people have been killed and injured at Shifa Hospital as a result of the IDF's actions. Palestinian reports claim to show a building in the al-Shifa medical complex on fire from Israeli shelling.

The IDF conducted searches at Shifa Hospital in November 2023 and discovered rooms used by the Hamas terrorist organization.