On the night of March 19, the IDF continued its operations in the Gaza Strip. Information regarding the night's developments came exclusively from sources within Gaza.

Throughout the night, reports from Gaza indicated that the IDF conducted strikes in both the northern and southern parts of the strip.

In the northern sector, the IDF targeted a residence near the Abu Haidar roundabout in Gaza City and another house near the Al-Mashal Foundation building in the western part of the city.

Additionally, Israeli artillery shelled the eastern neighborhoods of Jabalia, and operations were carried out in Beit Hanoun.

In the southern sector, IDF artillery targeted locations in the Al Qarara area, situated north of Khan Yunis. Furthermore, the IDF struck the home of the Al-Hashash family in Rafah, resulting in reported casualties.

Throughout the night, numerous trucks carrying humanitarian aid entered the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The IDF has not yet provided any comments on the fighting that occurred in Gaza on March 19.