Special forces soldiers from the border police, referred to as "pseudo-Arabs," along with employees from the General Security Service (Shin Bet) and IDF soldiers, conducted an operation in the Jericho area.

During this operation, they successfully apprehended a militant who had been planning a suicide bombing attack in the near future.

According to the MAGAV press service, when the police special forces surrounded the suspect’s house, he attempted to flee. The militants then opened fire at the Israeli forces and threw several explosive devices.

In response, the "pseudo-Arabs" engaged in a firefight with the terrorists, resulting in the neutralization of three of them.

The detained terrorist, who had intentions to carry out an attack, was handed over to Shin Bet investigators for further interrogation.

Earlier reports from Palestinian sources indicated that the IDF was conducting an operation in the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp near Jericho, during which one resident was killed in the shootout and two others were wounded.