The Shin Bet and the IDF released a statement about the interception of smuggled Iranian and Russian-made weapons bound for Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Among the confiscated items were anti-tank mines, grenade launchers, RPGs, M4 assault rifles, and various other weapons.

According to reports from the IDF and Shin Bet, those behind the smuggling operation include Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Special Operations Unit 4000, led by Javad Afari, and the Quds Force Special Operations Unit (unit number 18840) stationed in Syrian territory, commanded by "Detachment 840" IRGC Asar Bakri.

Munir Makdeh, an individual of Palestinian descent residing in the Ein al-Hilweh camp in Lebanon, who has long been associated with the IRGC and Hezbollah, played a key role in facilitating the smuggling operation.

The investigation by Shin Bet revealed that Munir Makdeh recruited militants from the Palestinian Authority, specifically in Judea and Samaria, to carry out attacks against Israelis and ensured the transportation of weapons and ammunition across the border.