Former US President Donald Trump expressed confidence in an interview with the Israeli publication Israel Hayom that the weakness of the Biden administration was the cause of the October 7 terrorist attacks.

The conversation with Trump occurred over the weekend at his private residence, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida, before the UN Security Council vote where the United States did not veto the ceasefire resolution. Trump criticized incumbent President Joe Biden and commented on the conflict in Gaza.

When asked how he would personally respond if his children or grandchildren were kidnapped by Hamas, Trump replied, "Much like you. You'd have to be crazy or stupid to do anything differently."

However, he also noted that Israel made serious mistakes in its public relations efforts, which resulted in a loss of support globally. Trump mentioned that Israel should not have broadcast footage of the fighting in Gaza. "Every night I saw those images. I wanted to call and say, 'Don't do this.'"

"You must end your war. You must end this. You must do this, and I am sure you will do it. We must come to peace. We cannot continue this. Israel needs to be very careful because you are losing support in peace. You need to finish, do your job, and start moving towards peace," Trump stated.

Donald Trump made it clear that he blames Joe Biden's "terrible policies" in the Middle East for the October 7 tragedy.

According to the former president, Hamas perceived the weakness and ineffectiveness of the current administration and therefore launched an attack on Israel. He expressed confidence that if he had been president, the terrorist attacks on October 7 would not have occurred.