On the evening of March 27, the Qatari TV channel Al-Jazeera reported that two civilians were allegedly killed by the Israeli military in the western part of the Gaza Strip, with their bodies later buried using bulldozers.

Al-Jazeera's telegram channel released a video purportedly documenting the incident.

The report from Al-Jazeera gained significant traction, including coverage in Russian media.

RIA Novosti, the Russian state agency, described the incident as follows: "Al-Jazeera claims to possess a video showing Israeli soldiers shooting two Palestinians and burying them with a bulldozer. The footage was published on social media and the channel's website. The video depicts Israeli troops shooting two unarmed Palestinians who were walking along the coast. Despite one of the men repeatedly signaling with a white cloth that they posed no threat, both were shot at close range. According to Al-Jazeera, the men were attempting to return to the northern part of the Gaza Strip, after which their bodies were reportedly buried by an Israeli military bulldozer."

Al-Jazeera and RIA Novosti did not include any comments from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in their reports.

In response to inquiries from The News of Israel, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit stated, "The video appears to be edited and lacks context. A comprehensive professional assessment is needed to determine the specifics of the incident. Upon receipt of the incident report, it has been forwarded to the appropriate professional bodies for review."