The Military Intelligence Directorate's Unit 504 has released new interrogation footage of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist who participated in the attack on October 7. In this video, he appears to confess to raping an Israeli woman in a kibbutz in southern Israel during the Hamas-led onslaught

The terrorist named Manar Qassem, 28, is from Khan Yunis. He claims to be a member of Islamic Jihad's naval forces. However, he could not explain the purpose of his unit's work.

Qassem says he entered Israel through a breach in the Gaza border fence between the Khan Younis area towns of al-Fukhkhari and Khuza'a, armed with a handgun and two grenades.

According to the terrorist, he then got off the jeep and walked, and his companion was wounded in the head. "Out of fear, I entered a kibbutz and went into the nearest house," the terrorist continues. "At first, when I entered, there was nobody there. Then I entered a room, and she was there and got scared. She got scared of me and told me to help her. I grabbed her and threw her onto the couch."

"The devil took over me; I laid her down, started undressing her, and did what I did," he said.

Pressed by the interrogator as to what he did, Qassem responds by saying: "I slept with her. I raped her. She pushed me, but it didn't last long. Two minutes. Maybe a minute and a half."

According to Qassem, two members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades entered the home and put the woman together with her mother for a short while before taking both out of the house. It was not immediately clear if the woman is alive.

Qassem says he was left alone and decided to head back to the Gaza Strip. He says he heard gunshots and then shot one Israeli man near him before throwing one of his grenades and fleeing the kibbutz.