On the night of April 2, the IDF continued its military actions in the Gaza Strip. However, information on the overnight conflict primarily came from Gazan sources.

Throughout the night, these sources reported IDF attacks in three main areas of Gaza:

In the north, specifically in the Al-Daraj neighborhood of Gaza City, IDF airstrikes hit a residential building.

In the central region, according to Hamas, the IDF targeted two locations in Deir al-Balah: the Al-Bashir mosque and a vehicle belonging to World Central Kitchen (WCK), leading to casualties and injuries. Further details were not provided.

In the southern part of Gaza, the IDF struck a facility in Rafah.

The IDF has not yet commented on their operations in Gaza on April 2.

The lack of detailed information about last night's IDF activities in the Gaza Strip suggests that there might have been a pause in operations to investigate the deaths associated with the WCK vehicle.