On April 3, the winter session of the Knesset concluded, sending members of parliament on vacation until May 19.

Before the recess, numerous protests and petitions were urging to cancel or shorten the break due to the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

During the final plenary session before the break, Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana criticized the protests in Jerusalem the day before. He emphasized the importance of unity during these challenging times and urged law enforcement to take strict action against lawbreakers.

Opposition members expressed frustration not only about the vacation but also the rejection of their request for a special meeting with the prime minister on the last day. Although they gathered enough signatures, the speaker cited a full agenda as the reason for refusal. The opposition argues that the speaker has the authority to adjust the meeting schedule.

The coalition defended their decision to recess during the conflict. Deputy Yitzhak Pindrus stated that parliamentary efforts related to the war and efforts to free captives would continue during the break.