Amidst multiple reports and fake mailings hinting at a potential Iranian attack on Israel, the IDF stresses that there are currently no alterations to the recommendations from the Home Front Command, nor any specific threat warnings.

Nonetheless, both the IDF and security services remain vigilant for any potential scenario, urging the public to refer to official sources for information updates.

In the past 24 hours, the IDF has announced the additional call-up of air defense reservists and canceled leaves in combat units, sparking concern among the population. Widespread panic ensued, fueled by distorted navigation app readings due to security interference and numerous fake messages urging readiness to seek shelter. Israelis are on edge, fearing potential retaliation from Iran following the assassination of a high-ranking official in Damascus.

In response to the panic, the IDF released an official statement affirming ongoing preparations while reassuring the public that there are no changes in instructions. There's no need for panic-buying generators or stockpiling food supplies. Any updates, if necessary, will be communicated through official channels with detailed explanations.

Minister of Education Yoav Kisch echoed similar sentiments, debunking rumors about changes in educational institutions' operating hours due to security concerns. Instructions from the Logistics Command regarding educational institutions remain unchanged.