The court has extended the detention of the sister of Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Hamas politburo, by 12 days. She's a 57-year-old Israeli citizen from Tel Sheva (Negev).

Along with previous suspicions, she's now also suspected of having contacts with foreign agents, according to police representatives. They emphasize that her testimony differs from the evidence gathered during the investigation.

The suspect admitted to communicating with her siblings in the Gaza Strip but denied having contact with Ismail Haniyeh during the war.

Her lawyer claims that communicating with her brother after the war isn't illegal. "She's been an Israeli citizen for 48 years, and despite attempts to build a case against her, no charges have been filed," the lawyer argues.

Earlier, during a search of her home in Tel Sheva, authorities found hundreds of thousands of shekels in cash hidden in various places, including a sofa and a portable safe. They also discovered a 1 kg gold bar worth about $73,000, documents, and media containing files indicating her involvement in terrorist activities.

Israeli intelligence services allege that she considered herself a Hamas activist, supporting terror and having contacts with Hamas militants.

Evidence found during the home search suggests her involvement in crimes against the security of the State of Israel.