After October 7, Israel's attention shifted from the war in Ukraine to the war in Israel. But Russia's war in Ukraine has been ongoing for two years now, resulting in millions of refugees and tens of thousands of deaths, with Ukrainian cities under fire every day.

Alla Gavrilova sat down with the Ambassador of Ukraine to Israel, Yevgen Korniychuk, to discuss Ukraine's state during wartime and the similarities that Israel and Ukraine face.

Here are the key points:

In the Soviet Union, Ukraine used to be the largest manufacturer of weapons. Since Russia's invasion in 2022, they have rapidly restored production, with a focus on drones and various types of unmanned aerial vehicles, according to Korniychuk.

"We warned you"

Last year, Korniychuk presented a fragment of an Iranian drone (Shahed 129) to Tzahi Hanegbi, the Israeli Minister of Internal Security, as a souvenir, underlining the necessity for enhanced cooperation to avert similar incidents in Israel. Following the Houthis' targeting of Eilat, Korniychuk stated that Ukraine had warned Israel.

Strategies for Mutual Assistance

"We can unite our efforts to advocate for a bill in the American Congress supporting both Ukraine and Israel," said Korniychuk.

He continued, "Ukraine brings extensive experience in drone production to the table, while Israel boasts significant technological capabilities in air defense."

Corruption in Ukraine

When asked about corruption in Ukraine, Korniychuk said that during wartime, corruption only increases, calling it an additional burden on law enforcement agencies. He noted ongoing efforts to combat corruption, citing recent arrests and court decisions, though he expressed a desire for a faster process.

Security Situation in Israel

Regarding his previous suggestion that Israel sell its air defense to Ukraine, Korniychuk said, "Israel has always been hesitant about this issue, and now, given the current military-political and security situation, it's understandable that Israel must prioritize its own security."

While he couldn't directly comment on Israel and Ukraine's wartime partnership, he expressed satisfaction, yet acknowledged there's always room for improvement.

Axis of Evil

"We understand that we share a common enemy—the axis of evil that Biden spoke about (Iran and Russia)—who support each other in these two wars. We must explore effective collaboration to defeat this evil."