On the evening of April 16, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) operations continued across the Gaza Strip, with updates on the conflict primarily coming from sources within Gaza.

Overnight, reports from Gaza indicated that the IDF targeted areas in the northern, central, and southern parts of the Strip, with the intensity of the conflict reportedly increasing.

In northern Gaza, IDF forces struck multiple targets including in Beit Hanoun and the Al-Fakhura mosque in Jabalia, resulting in casualties. Israeli artillery also shelled Jabalia's eastern quarter.

In central Gaza, a house in Nuseirat was hit, leading to fatalities and injuries. Additional explosions were reported in the Al Mughraqa area north of Nuseirat. IDF strikes also occurred in Deir al-Balah, including an attack on the Al-Hakar area.

In southern Gaza, IDF airstrikes targeted various sites in Rafah including a strike on the Abu Labda family home in the Tel al-Sultan area, which also resulted in casualties. IDF artillery and armored vehicles additionally targeted multiple areas in Rafah and east of Khan Yunis.

As of now, the IDF has not provided any comments regarding the operations on April 16.