Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz met with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in Jerusalem on Wednesday, April 17.

During the meeting, Katz urged his counterparts to advocate for the implementation of additional sanctions against Iran, particularly targeting entities supporting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Iranian Ministry of Defense. This aligns with the United States' intention to impose such sanctions.

Cameron and Baerbock arrived in Israel the previous day for an emergency visit aimed at discussing ways to prevent further escalation following Iran's significant attack on the country.

On April 14, Baerbock remarked that Israel had demonstrated its strength by successfully defending itself, while Iran had revealed its weakness and isolation.

Cameron added that the strike on Israel constituted a double defeat for Iran, as the majority of the drones and missiles were intercepted.

He emphasized the support of both the United States and Great Britain in repelling the attack, stating, "The attack was substantial. If successful, it would have resulted in thousands of casualties in Israel."