18 people arrested during Jerusalem Day march

They are suspected of involvement in violence, possession of weapons, and threats against officers

Netanyahu cancels appearance at Jerusalem Day ceremony

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has withdrawn from attending the Jerusalem Day ceremony.

'Putin will deal with you': Charges filed against Russian citizen who attacked police in Jerusalem

Israeli prosecutors filed charges against Murad Yashaev, a Russian citizen, who attacked police officers near the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on May 27.

Woman leaves drug addict husband after baby swallows drugs

A woman left her husband after their young child accidentally swallowed drugs belonging to his father.

Charges filed against perpetrators of Jerusalem terrorist attack

The defendants stand accused of planning and executing a vehicular attack in the Romema neighborhood of Jerusalem on April 22.

Jerusalem Pride Parade to take place this year in different format

Tel Aviv will hold an assembly focused on “pride, hope and liberty” instead of Pride Parade

17-year-old Arab woman armed with knife detained in Jerusalem

The apprehended individual has been transferred to investigators from the General Security Service (Shin Bet) for questioning.